Young Love

Something struck me this weekend: the purity of young love. Really, in our adult relationships, do we really allow ourselves to let go as we did when we were 18 and in love? And, what would happen if we did so?

There was a young couple at the coffee shop today who were clearly enjoying each other's company, much to the dismay of another patron. But, they were caught up in each other, heedless of that other one who may have disapproved. Nothing but hearts and stars and rainbows were in the air, nothing but love and naivete. But, what's really in naivete? Is it the lack of being jaded? Inexperience? Unrealistic dreams? I was reared to think that naivete was bad, but is it in its entirety?

With young love and its naivete, there is something pure and authentic about it. There are two people searching for, and expecting to find, the experience of each other, oblivious to the world. In its purest form, there is no ulterior motive. In this, life experience may not have the upper hand. Jadedness can cause doubt, both in the self and in the relationship with another, which in turn leads to a wall that young love does not know.

Sometimes I dream about this kind of relationship. Yes, a young love relationship, being caught up in another. But, I am so, so jaded. Will love really overcome that? Or will I continue to play games, looking out for myself before I begin to fall in love? While there is a bit of wisdom to look for certain qualities, when and where do I just let go?

There's also another subject I would like to touch on before I finish writing: I want my relationship with God to have the purity and authenticity of young love. Jesus said that if we do not receive Him like a child, with purity and authenticity in expecantcy, much like young love, we will not become a part of His kingdom. I want to receive as much as His kingdom as possible, but because of my lack of naivete, I will also lack in the kingdom.

So, my prayer is this: that my heart would turn into a wise little child, able to be drawn in and carried away, especially in the Lord, but still wise enough to discern strength from stupidity.


Marc Madrigal said...

Not that I have a ton of experience, bu it seems to me that while young love is a normal and natural, it peaks at about 6 to 9 months. I think it's God's way of getting people together so then he can slowly transition us from the joy of being together to the reality of maintaining a relationship. There is still joy, but it has to be worked for.

Tina D. said...
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Tina D. said...

Marc - thanks for reading! I am not questioning its staying power, I am questioning whether not I have the ability of falling in love without self-conciousness. I still want that honeymoon period.